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tv   Washington Journal Representative Larry Bucshon R-IN  CSPAN  March 15, 2017 10:32am-11:01am EDT

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medicaid, cannot get social security or medicare. if you have an undocumented that has children, those children are u.s. born and qualify for medicaid, but that is the only undocumented service you can get. i work on health care because i want to make sure my constituents have access to health care. district, our values our faith, family and your job and when you get a job, they want to know if your employer provides health care and if they don't, i want to make sure they have a way they can get health care for their family. host: congressman gene green, top democrat on the washington . host: at our table this morning, congressman rry buchson, republican of indiana, a member of the heah -- house energy and commerce subcommittee.
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he is also a heart doctor, here to talk about the health care legislation. how do you think this is an improvement over the affordable care act. guest: it is going to give people choice which is one thing the affordable care act has not done. it is a big program that forces people to purchase programs that washington, d.c. decides you need. one of the things for me in health care is choice and allow people to have options on affordable policies. the other thing the affordable care act has done is a limited the individual marketplace and so it is less than choice, and it is just expanding the cost, it is not resulted in decreased cost. giving the american people choice of low-cost policies they can afford and let's get back to some of the private sector marketplace that we lost. plan trump -- trackback breaks all of his campaign vows.
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he vowed to have health care coverage for everybody, cut cost and leave medicare alone. how will this accomplish health care for everybody? guest: it gives everybody access to affordable health care. there is a difference between people having access and being forced to buy coverage. if you make the assumption like my democratic colleagues do that the government should provide the health care, then you can what wet argument that are doing is not going to accomplish what the president said. what the president said is that everyone would have access to quality affordable health care and this promise is not being broken. host: how will of the affordable? -- will it be affordable? guest: once you take shackles off the insurance industry, we are not going back to where we were before because cost were going up, but once you allow affordable policies out there and policies that people want. 20's maye in their
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choose a catastrophic policy which is very inexpensive because backing that up with a health savings account to cover the basic everyday expenses is something they will be able to afford. you have to have a vibrant marketplace like its young people into the market and expands that pool and the prices comes down. the president is not breaking his promise. were people support the affordable care act thinking it is breaking that promise is we are not providing a policy. that is not what america has been about, it is about choice. the direction we are going will be better. host: how does it bend the cost curve of health care and make it less expensive? something the affordable care act did not do is the price of the product itself. there are two separate issues. the cost of a policy for an individual and what the product
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itself costs. chase payinge to for a product that is too expensive, we will never catch up. what we need to do along with making changes in the way we pay for health care is we need to look the word price transparency, quality transparency and create a true, free market. health care is a fixed-price marketplace and the only way i see bending the cost curve on that piece is to get the consumers involved in create some consumer preference. on the insurance side, if you open up the marketplace and allow people to choose what they want rather than being forced to pay for something they may not want, you can get that cost down easily. host: what about the provisions that allow insurance companies to charge elderly people more for their health insurance? there are republican senators and others who are concerned
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about that. guest: before the affordable care act, in each state, insurance companies and the allowed soundrs policies based on risk. decades, insurance companies have risk models that show what the risk is and what the risk is , is that older, sicker americans use 4.8 times as much health care as younger people. what the affordable care act set was a non-actually sound three to one ratio where the lowest to thelicy compared highest cost policy can only be three times different. it set into motion non-sound things happening. it has driven up the cost for everyone. that is a problem because young, healthy people are not signing up for the marketplace. the risk pool is much worse for the insurance companies and
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revving up the cost for everyone. the argument that you should not have sound principles in place is just one that does not work. whatever health care law does is allows states the flexibility -- what our health care law does is allow states the possibility -- the flexibility that will allow the cost to come down for everyone. right now, young healthy people won't sign up because the cost is too expensive. it is a snowball effect. and people don't sign up, the risk pool gets more risky and the insurance cost goes up. you have to allow states to put in place sound policies. viewers,will go to our mandolin in virginia, republican. caller: good morning. i had a question for mr. green, but you can answer it. did obama take
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money out of our medicare to start obamacare because mr. green said that obamacare was paid for. that is my question. oldomment is, i am 74 years and paying $400 per month out of a $1000 security check for my medicare and supplement and i pay for my prescriptions. they took out $90 a month for my supplement. that only pays if medicare pays. paid $40 every two weeks for 42 years i worked for medical insurance and i'm having to pay $400 a month at 74 years old out of my $1000 social security check. and talkt on here about the old people. we are paying for everybody else
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years forpaid for 42 my medicare and social security and i'm paying $400 a month. isst: part of the problem ,he cost of health care itself which is why many price transparency so that consumers can get into the marketplace and help drive down the cost. it is not the medicare program percent, which does have its problems and need to be adjusted, but the cost of health care continues to rise. things i am working on are those things, price and quality transparency and allowing nsumers to help drive down cost. that is the biggest problem i see, going forward with the medicare program. what we are to fade -- debating in washington, d.c. does not really affect the medicare program other than one of the surcharge -- surcharge taxes
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that was added to the formal care act. that is another complicated problem. that is why republicans and speaker ryan have been promoting ideas for debate to help the medicare program be solvent in the future. if we are going to help you and get your cost down, we have to get the cost of health care itself down. host: tammy in pennsylvania, democrat. caller: thank you for taking my call. where is my money? host: what do you mean? caller: my money is taxed when i earn it. it is taxed when i spend it. it is taxed if i save it. it is taxed when it goes in the 401 or taxed when i start drawing on my 401. it seems to me that there has to
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sir, toter way for you, spend my money. guest: that is a fair question. washington, d.c. has had issues with our budget. we are almost $20 trillion in debt. we do have a lot of waste, fraud and abuse that a lot of people are trying to root out. that is what the biggest complaints i hear is that our taxpayer dollars, including my an are not being spent in effective and efficient manner. that is one of the things that people on both sides of the aisle have been working on. some of the taxes you describe our state and local and i agree. you at all those together and they are pretty substantial. they are still lower than most countries in the world, the reality is you are talking about a efficient government that does
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not waste a dollar and we are on both sides -- we are both on the same side about that and democrats and republicans across the country can agree on that. said t oneal qution tt members india's congressiona delegaon musinsist on romptly iswer to the fatef the althy india plan nauned in 2008nd rebted 2014the plan cers 300,00 hoosie. the mitchark of daniels and mike pence administration and has been billed as a possible model for national health care reform. guest: i am a big supporter of the healthy indiana plan. i went around the state promoting that so we could get our waiver from health and human services. that is what we are trying to do in washington, with our health care plan. we want to give states the flexibility to put things in place like the healthy indiana
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plan. this don't have that opportunity now without going through an extensive waiver process. we are in the middle of a legislative process. we have a long way to go. we have to get this through the budget committee. it has to go through the senate. that said, the healthy indiana plan won't be at risk. people currently on that plan will still be on it. with the flexibility we give states, if states want to add people to the healthy indiana plan, they will be able to do that. a 90% check -- in under percent theh in the states for affordable care act is not sustainable from a federal standpoint. we want to make sure people in the state of indiana can continue to get the healthy indiana plan. senator tomican cotton believes that republicans are rushing this. this is what he had to say on
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abc this week. >> i would say to my friends in the house of representatives with whom i serve, do not walk the plank and vote for a bill cannot pass the senate have to face the consequences of that vote. 1993, youte house in remember when democrats voted for energy tax. it did not become law, it did not even get a vote in the senate and democrats lost our next election because they voted on that tax. i just do not think this bill can pass the senate. i think the house should take a pause and get as close as we can to a good result before they send it to the senate. >> you say house republicans are going to pay the price? >> i am afraid if they vote for this bill, they will put the house majority at risk, next year and we have majorities in the house and senate and the white house, not only to get health care reform right, but to reform our taxes and regulations
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and rebuild our military. i don't want to see the house majority put at risk on a bill that is not going to pass the senate. that is why i think we should take a pause and solve as many of the problems in this bill in the house and then allow the senate to take its work up. guest: the house and the senate are two different bodies. senator cotton has a rig to his opinion, but this is not a rushed process. we have been working for a year at least, maybe a year and a half on a health care plan moving forward called the better way plan. we put that together with multiple listening sessions with a health care group. every house member on the republican side participated and the better way plan happened. we ran on that and campaign that and one election on that -- won our election on that.
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